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About Us

The Oriole Advocates is a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life that works to instill a shared love of baseball and competition.

Members of the volunteer-run organization participate in events and programs dedicated to supporting Orioles baseball and giving back to the community. We bring baseball to children with developmental and/or physical challenges, provide equipment to youth athletes in underserved communities, host game watches, provide volunteers at Orioles games to assist with giveaway promotions, and so much more. 


In our early days, we helped Orioles players find homes, off-season employment, and transportation. We supported the front office and held social events designed to promote community for the players and their families, staff, and fans alike. We cheered the Orioles on through the pennant races and celebrated their World Series wins and major milestones. 


Today, we continue to support the Orioles while focusing on giving back to the community. Our scholarship programs for promising baseball players throughout the region to the Orioles Hall of Fame demonstrate our commitment. Our volunteer initiatives are far reaching, touching thousands of lives as we work to instill a love of the game—both in Baltimore and abroad. And we host the Hall of Fame Luncheon, annual banquet, and so much more.


The Oriole Advocates are dedicated to promoting and stimulating an interest in baseball and softball among youth of all ages.

All it takes to join us is a shared love of baseball,
the Baltimore Orioles, and 
making a difference.

Meet the Board of Directors 
of  the Oriole Advocates


President: Winston Warner
1st Vice President: Ben Karten
2nd Vice President: Cal Alt
Recording Secretary: Mary Jo Neville
Treasurer: Ron Humphreys
Immediate Past President: Paula Kunaniec


Jim Hedrick​ 

Audrey Helton

Leslie Hoffmeister

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